Real Estate Projects

  • Opening a Real estate project company
  • Procedures for Investing Real estate projects
  • Real estate projects investment co-operation
  • Transfer of Real Estate Project

Intellectual Property (IP)

  • Handling infringement of IP rights
  • Registering Trademark, copyright
  • Registering Industrial design
  • Trademark Franchise

Corporate Lawyer

  • Set-up a company in all legal fields
  • Business registration
  • Compliance with Tax laws
  • M&A lawyer

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

  • Opening a FDI Company
  • Purchasing shares in a Vietnamese Company
  • Leasing investment project land in Vietnam
  • Transfer of Investment projects in Vietnam

Business Contract

  • Drafting business contracts
  • Reviewing business contracts
  • Nagotiating business contracts
  • Settlement business contract disputes

Settlement dispute

  • Settlement of company internal dispute
  • Settlement of contract dispute
  • Explaination administrative violations
  • Litigation attorney in court, arbitration