Procedures for Registering software copyrights in Vietnam

The registration of copyright and related rights means the filing of applications and enclosed dossiers (hereinafter referred to collectively as applications) by authors, copyright holders or related right holders with the competent state agencies for recording of information on authors, works, copyright holders.

(Clause 1 Article 49 Law 50)

Legal basis:

Law 50/2005/QH11 (Amended by Consolidated tex 11/VPQH 2022) on Intellectual property (Law 50),

Decree 17/2023/ND-CP on Copyright (Decree 50),

– Circular 08/TT-BVHTTDL on Copyright.

1. Object of protection: Software (Computer programs).

2. Types of works: Computer programs.

3. Applications for registration:

3.1. A written declaration for registration of copyright;

3.2. Copies of the works (including also e-copies).

3.3. A power of attorney for the authorized person to submit the application.

3.4. Documents proving the rights holder:

– Copy of  Certificate of enterprises registration;

– Copy of  Passport.

– Document proving that the applicant is the rights to holder as a result of assignment of the task of creating works.

– Document proving that the applicant is the rights to holder as a result of inheritance, transfer of rights.

– The written consent of the co-authors, co-holders (if any).

– The written commitment on creation on his/her own of the work (if the author is not concurrently the copyright holder).

4. Quanity of dossiers: 01.

5. Time limit for the dossiers appraisal: 45 working days.

6. Competent authority: Copyright Office of Vietnam. 7. Scope of validity of the Copyright Registration Certification: Vietnam.

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